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Learn the skills, mindsets and capabilities that are needed in the modern legal workplace
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Impactful modern skills and mindsets

Custom modules developed from empirical research & surveys of 20,000+ lawyers on the skills, capabilities and mindsets that are lacking in the modern legal practice

Designed and taught by actual educators

Unique combination of subject-matter expertise  plus teaching expertise ensures learner
engagement and promotes effective knowledge transfer at every step

Validated through rigorous 

Measuring effectiveness through quizzes & exams designed to verify conceptual understanding and encourage critical reasoning for all types of learners.

  Law school rigor with a focus on developing YOUR unique professional identity  

Choose what's best for you

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We offer a range of courses from certificate to degree, depending on how much time and money you have for investing in yourself. We also offer short courses to give your brain a boost and hands-on training courses to make sure you know what's going on in the field. We are committed to making learning as easy as possible. Our courses are designed so you can learn at home or work, without excessive reading or time-consuming assignments. Upgrade your skills and become indispensable to your company - get a free course today and start on your path to success!
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Benefits of our training programs

Boost your confidence, master the field, become a certified professional. Learn to use all the related tools, walk into a job and be a rockstar from day one.

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Learn from experts

Our instructors are experts in their field, with years of experience working on major projects around the world - they will teach you all about their work process and how to stay safe on site.

The school has everything that I need for successful study: textbooks, daily assignments, planner, notebooks, a staff who are very skilled and experienced, and ready to help at any time.
— Grace Walsh
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Learn on your time,
on your terms

Easy to learn, easy to use. Designed to meet you where you are.
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